Tibet Tour w/ Everest Basecamp – Jul 2021

& epic train to Xi’an or Beijing

At A Glance

Join us for our magnificent tour of the gorgeous Buddhist heartland of Tibet and consider coming along to our (optional) Everest Base Camp extension, for a chance to experience the most famous and largest mountain on Earth! This tour will take in the magical city of Lhasa, also featuring some of the world’s most remarkable scenery with an added adventure to Namba Villages and Namtso Lake. After a few busy and exciting days of exploring Lhasa and discovering the wonders of Potala Palace and other ancient outlying monasteries, we will take in the Tibet Museum learning about the history of Tibet from a Chinese perspective and the less known role of British influence here.

For those taking the Everest Base Camp extension (Group B) on the Tibet Tour we will continue onwards passing through some jaw dropping Tibetan valleys and mountain ranges to arrive at the beautiful towns of Shigatse and Gyantse. Experience views of Tibets’ longest river and highest lake before we catch the train out of Tibet on the world’s highest railway line, sure to provide plenty of stunning photo opportunities.

We employ the best local guides, giving us an authentic Tibetan insight to the country and its people. Feel free to ask plenty of questions and get to know them as well as your fellow travelers! Getting to talk one-to-one with the locals is an unparalleled experience for opening the world of another country.

The Tibet Tour starts and finishes in Beijing/Shanghai or Xi’an/Chengdu all of which have connections with major international airports in Europe. If you wish to start from another city in China, just let us know.

We also highly recommend combining this tour with our North Korea Victory Day tour or Mt Paektu Tour. Huge discounts offered for booking these tours together!

Dates & Pricing
Jul 10th – Jul 21st 2021
12 Days
Group Starting Point End Date Price
1 1Xi’an / Chengdu July 20th: €12952
2 Beijing /Shanghai  July 23rd:  €1995
Tour Highlights
  • Walk the gorgeous streets of Lhasa, Tibet’s majestic capital city with our expert guide showing you around some of Lhasa’s best sights including Potala Palace and Sera Monastery.

  • Enjoy hearty, authentic Tibetan food at many different restaurants as well as the chance to try some local beers and barley wine

  • Take a trip to the spectacular Namsto Lake with various road trips featuring some of Tibet’s most breathtaking scenery

  • Visit the second largest city in Tibet, Shigatse and from here, head up to Everest Base Camp for incredible views of the world’s tallest and most famous mountain!

    • Monday 12th July – Lhasa

      • The major highlight of exploring Lhasa – We get things started today with a visit to the famous mountain top Potala Palace, former home of the Dalai Lama until he escaped to India in 1957, and the high seat of Tibetan government for hundreds of years. The cultural and historic heritage on display in such a place is hard to overstate.

      • You can join in and discover the Pilgrims Path that winds its way around the palace, providing some lovely views.

      • We get some lunch in Lhasa, of the Nepalese variety. 

      • You can explore Barkor Street market which is also a pilgrimage site. 

      • Group will reconvene for dinner

      • Overnight in Lhasa at Tashikatge Hotel

      Tuesday 13th July – Namtso Lake

      • Today we make an epic 100km journey by road from Lhasa to Namtso Lake with incredible sights along the way and plenty of rest stops en route for refreshments and photo opportunities. The journey will be about 4 hours. 

      • The journey will include a pass that is 5190 meters high, the views are unbelievable. 

      • We head back towards Lhasa, stopping in a small local village for lunch and a brief glimpse of the more rural life of local Tibetans, all in preparation for the next day.

      • Dinner and drinks back in Lhasa

      • Overnight at Tashikatge Hotel


      Wednesday 14th July – Namba Tibetan Village

      • See what life is like outside of Lhasa at the Namba Tibetan villages. Here we can get a picture of exactly what life is like for the people that live here. There are places where you can buy some items to take home with you and also where we can eat, have a drink and talk with the locals.

      • Explore the area around the villages with more opportunities for hiking and horse riding if you wish.

      • Head back to Lhasa and visit the Tibetan Museum to learn about the history of Tibet from a Chinese perspective and the historical influence of the British 

      • We head out for a local dinner and afterwards we will hit the Tibetan bar street scene

      • Overnight in Lhasa at Tashikatge Hotel


      Thursday 15th July – Shigatse

      • Group A members depart Lhasa Board the train from Lhasa heading to Xian, Xining, Lanzhou or a two night journey to Beijing arriving on Sunday 21st July. This is one of our favourite train journeys and a few Lhasa Beers or some Tibetan Wine usually adds to the experience if you feel like enjoying this last leg of the trip. 


      Group B members continue to Mt. Everest Base Camp

      • Early wake up and check out of hotel. The majority of today will be spent on the road as we make our way to Shitgatse city located halfway between Lhasa and Mt. Everest Base Camp.  The landscape is stunning and the road follows the Yarlung Tsangpo – the longest river in Tibet stretching over 2800km 

      • Continue making our way up to the top of a snowcapped mountain 5000m high with an unrealistic view of Yamdrok Lake from below – one of three sacred lakes in Tibet. The treat of the day is seeing the locals with their Tibetan Mastiffs on display for photos, these are the world’s most formidable dogs and are known as the guardians of the peaks.

      • As we continue down through the pass we can stop at a small village for a local lunch.

      • After lunch we drive up another peak to view the stunning Karola Glacier that sits 5560m above, photos here are incredible.

      • We will drive past the Nyangchu Valley and Yamdro-tso lakes on route to Shigatse. We will stop in Gyantse and visit Kubum Monastery and have a traditional dinner nearby.

      • Arrive in Shigatse – the second largest city in Tibet.

      • Dinner and some local exploring of the city.

      • Overnight in Shigatse at Sakya Hotel


      Friday 16th July – Mt. Everest Base Camp

      • Early start out and check out of the hotel – if you need to lighten your load we can leave larger luggage behind at the Sakya hotel to make the trekking a little easier.

      • We will start the Drive to Mt. Everest Base Camp on Highway 318. This is Chinas longest highway and begins all the way back in Shanghai People’s Square.

      • As we journey closer to the clouds we pass over another peak this time going as high as 5248m

      • We will have lunch as we enter the beautiful Mt. Everest Nature Reserve (or Qomolongma as it is known to the locals). After lunch we swap over to an electric bus to take us 20km to Mt. Everest Base Camp

      • Trip highlight: Arrive in Mt. Everest Base Camp – if weather permits, we will be greeted by a sight of the infamous Mt. Everest. Standing before us at 8844m high, the highest mountain the world.

      • Check into our guest house at Rongphu Monastery

      • The afternoon is free to walk around base camp for photos of this mighty mountain

      • Dinner at Rongphu Monastery Guest House, we will warm ourselves up and brace for what is a fairly cold night at this altitude as we sleep 4900m.

      • Overnight in Rongphu Monastery Guest House


      Saturday 17th July – Shigatse

      • Today we visit the world’s highest temple and drive to Everest Base Camp. You will see Mt. Everest in all its humbling glory. It’s an amazing place.

      • We will make our way back to Shigatse early in the afternoon with plenty of stops on the way back with a late afternoon arrival in Shigatse for dinner and an overnight stay at our hotel.

      • Dinner and evening nightlife in Shigatse

      • Overnight in Sakya Hotel


      Sunday 18th July – Lhasa

      • After breakfast we set out to explore the largest monastery in western Tibet, the Tashilunpo Monastery. It is a sacred site for Tibetan Buddhism and acts as the seat of the Panchen Lama. Previous Panchen Lama’s are also entombed here.

      • We stop for lunch on the way

      • Arrival in Lhasa – here we’ll use this time to catch up on anything last minute that needs seeing or buying in the city

      • Farewell dinner and drinks

      • Overnight back in Tashikatge Hotel


      Monday 19th July

      • Group B members depart Lhasa by boarding the train on the highest railway line in the world to Xi’an, Xining, Lanzhou or a two-night journey to Beijing. Lay back and enjoy incredible views and lots of cabin fun!


      Tueday 20th July

      • Afternoon arrival into Xining, Lanzhou or Xi’an.


      Wednesday 21st July

      • Arrive into Beijing at 8:30am

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