Welcome to Skopje, North Macedonia. Called bizarre by some, but a favourite for most others including remote workers, this gleaming capital city flanked on one side by the 5th century Tvrdina Kale Fortress and on the other by Vodno Mountain, a green paradise that can be easily hiked for amazing views across the city, at the top of which sits Millenium Cross, a 66-metre high Christian cross that lights up at night and can be seen for miles.

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There are enormous statues of national heroes and warriors including an 8 storey jaw dropping depiction of Alexander the Great in the main square, surrounded by a neon lit cascading waterfall. The civic buildings here are reminiscent of ancient Macedonian and Greek temples. It is an unusual backdrop for a city that uses British double decker red buses from the 1950’s and 1960’s for its cheap and efficient public transportation network. The same red buses are now produced in China. Skopje’s Old Bazaar with its winding stone streets dates from the 12th century and starts at the pedestrian Stone Bridge built between 1451 and 1469, which may remind you of Charles Bridge in Prague. If the history does not interest you too much, there is superb quality craft beer brewed on site. Skopje City Park or the ‘The Lungs of the Capital’ is stunning, with running, cycling and sporting facilities to cater for just about everyone.

These kind of public facilities also line the entire course of the Vardar River which runs through the city. There are an endless number of cafes in Skopje and its bohemian neighborhood is lined with umbrella-like green trees that keep its streets cool in the summer. The food in Skopje is amazing and of exceptionally good value. 

Keep in mind, for anybody that wants to – we will take a trip from Skopje for at least one night, to Pristina in Kosovo. A city is likely to defy your expectations.