May Day Parade

Apr 25th – May 4th 2022 or Customise Your Tour
10 Days
At a glance Havana Cienfuegos Trinidad Santa Clara Havana Vinales Havana

If there is one time of the year that can be the most interesting to visit Cuba, it would have to be for the May Day parade – the biggest and most colourful celebration of the year in Cuba. A fusion of Soviet-era politics and Latin American carnival that the whole country comes to a standstill for. Enjoy the euphoric party atmosphere on the streets to the sounds of Latin revolutionary music, while watching the communist party elite presiding over the festivities and parade. The tour begins in Old Havana, one of the best-preserved colonial cities in all of the Americas. What you will see around you is a Cuban city that was once incredibly rich, as is still evident in its now faded art deco and internationally influenced design – none of which has lost its appeal. Many buildings are now being restored and a stroll around Havana when you arrive for the first day of your tour is a sensory overload. Cuban food sometimes gets a bad rap, and perhaps deservedly so if you remain inside the confines of a tourist resort in and around Havana without the insider knowledge of our guides and our commitment to show you only the best and most authentic, on all of our Cuba tours. So across the five cities you will visit in Cuba, expect handpicked local places that are off the tourist trail not just in terms of food, but nightlife too – with Trinidad specifically being fairly incredible. Cuba is, of course, the birthplace of the Mojito and you haven’t really tried one unless it’s been made with the world’s best rum made with locally grown mint and raw cane sugar, while cooling off in the Caribbean sunshine with pastel colours bouncing off the walls With our own A/C tour bus for the duration of the tour, it means lots of flexibility and opportunities to get off the beaten track. For example, as part of our trip around the Bay of Pigs, close to the UNESCO city of Cienfuegos and where US-backed land invasion was attempted, there are a few beautiful swimming spots along the route that we can check out including a sinkhole that resembles a tropical fish tank! Visiting Santa Clara, you will see the giant statue of Che Guevara, sitting atop the mausoleum where he is buried. You will see a lot of unique places on our Cuba tour, that are again, off the well-worn tourist trail. If you are looking for a Cuban resort stay – our tours won’t be that interesting for you. But, if you feel more comfortable seeing a secret bunker where the Soviet Union stored their nuclear weapons that precipitated the Cuban Missile Crisis followed by a freshly prepared lunch on a farm in Vinales with a tour group of like-minded travellers, this is most definitely up your street. Cuba May Day Tour Highlights

  • Start your Cuba tour in the capital city Havana on one of the best times of the year to visit Cuba, for the May Day celebrations and parade. We will join a million people on the streets for an amazing carnival atmosphere.
  • Visit five Cuban cities during the tour, travelling from Havana on to Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santa Clara and Vinales
  • At Global Village Tours, we take you to handpicked, authentic Cuban restaurants for the best Cuban food, not limited to a BBQ on a beautiful beach in Trinidad
  • This tour is off the tourist trail and we get to check out some amazing beaches and little visited tropical swimming spots
  • Get ready for vibrant Cuban nightlife with a lot of cool clubs, bars with a wide variety of music styles