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Greenland Arctic Cruise

state of the art Hondius Arctic Cruise Ship

Sep '19
10 Days

Join Global Village Tours on the maiden cruise of the Hondius on a trip to Eastern Greenland and take in all the sea, ice and wildlife you can as well as hopefully the Northern Lights! This year we will visit Eastern Greenland aboard the very comfortable MV Hondius, one of the best polar ships of its category. It exceeds the requirements of the Polar Code of the International Maritime Organization, which means this ship is one of those who leave the least impact on the fragile areas we’ll be visiting on what is truly one of the last frontiers of this planet.

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Iran Tour

Persian Empire

Apr '19
8 Days

Our Iran tour will allow you to dispel all preconceptions from international headlines, as you immerse yourself in this fascinating culture, from smoking shisha with the locals to visiting a traditional Iranian gym.

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Belarus Tour

Edge of Europe

Aug '19
8 Days

Belarus often described as the last holdout of the Cold War and Europe’s ‘only Soviet State’ is populated by a resilient people, and Minsk, in particular, has an extremely vibrant and interesting nightlife. Belarus retains much of its charm, Soviet architecture and war memorials galore. This makes for an interesting mix which we will experience during the Belarus Tour, especially as it's young population has given rise to gentrification and artsy hispter neighbourhoods with an abundance of cafes and the odd microbrewery.

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Papua New Guinea Tour

Mount Hagen Festival

Aug '19
7 Days

Witch doctors, fierce tribal warriors and head-hunters await you in one of the most remote places on earth. Join us on our Papua New Guinea Tour and experience the breathtaking beauty and colour of the Mount Hagen Festival.

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