Host of the 1984 Winter Olympics and Europe’s last remaining rainforest at Perućica, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a complex country with both traditional and modern culture that stands apart in Europe. There are amazing winter skiing options in the country and the Sarajevo Film Festival is one to put on your calendar.

EN ROUTE from Belgrade to Dubrovnik for Remote Work & Travel tour, we will take a few days in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo is one of Europe’s most up and coming cities which is a great development for a place that has seen its share of conflict, the scars of which are still visible around town. The city has always been a place where you will find mosques, synagogues as well as Catholic and Orthodox churches within a stroll of each other and these days, you have the added addition of really unique bars and excellent food joints everywhere. At the city’s core is Bascarsija Bazaar which dates back to 1462 and it really has not changed much. You can still drink pristine water from the fountain in the center of the market. They say if you do, you are bound to return. Some of the best coffee or Ćevapi anywhere can be found here, enough to fill you up for 3 bucks. There is an energy around town that you do not really find in other parts of Europe. For great views across the city you can hike up to either White Fortress or Yellow Bastion, both of which are immediately above the city and a short walk from town. When you get to the top of Yellow Bastian you can hear DJs or bands playing on the Miljacka riverside below if there is a gig happening. The people here are great and really welcoming of foreigners. 

Mostar is one really interesting city. Be prepared in the summer time as it gets extremely hot here. The city is fairly spectacular at any time of year. Most famous for ‘Stari Most’ meaning Old Bridge, which stood for 427 years until the Croat-Bosniak when it was shelled and reconstructed by 2004, divers still jump from the top into the shallow water below to the amusement of day trippers. It gets quite busy here in the summertime. Apart from the ancient old town, a short stroll to the city’s outer limits you will still find numerous bombed out buildings from the war. Outside of the sweltering heat during the day, at night Mostar takes on a different atmosphere with a lot of clubs and outdoor bars to check out.