Remote Work & Travel Tour

Live the digital nomad experience for 8 weeks together with a group of remote professionals and entrepreneurs looking to combine work and travel. Work from Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Working online while exploring some of Europe’s most bohemian under the radar cities and beach towns. 


2022 August 22nd – October 16th 2022

2023 April 1st – May 31st 2023




  • Private bedroom in modern self-catering apartment 
  • High spec co-working space access
  • Private air conditioned mini-bus 
  • Local SIM card for each country (not in Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Business start-up workshops
  • All excursions are included in the price 
  • High spec hostel or guesthouse accommodation for excursions, where there are overnight stays
  • Local guides in addition to Global Village Tours support staff
  • **NOTE: international flights at beginning / end are not included

Landing in a new city can be stressful and take from the time you spend otherwise enjoying yourself. Knowing exactly where the best neighbourhoods are, restaurants that are worth it, where to pick up a local SIM card or where good gyms are located, takes a lot of energy. All accommodation, transport, high quality coworking spaces and everything else you need to hit the ground running is arranged for you in advance.

Value Packed Presentations from Experts: 

  • Taxation as a remote worker and investing your money
  • CEO of a leading world adventure travel agency
  • E-commerce specialist from a world leading social network 
  • Founder of the world’s first crowdfunded Island  
  • Others TBC 


  • Global Village Tours on-site guide and local guides at each location
  • A welcome dinner in one of the best authentic restaurants in town each new country on the first night for amazing cuisine
  • Tour of each new city 
  • Members Mobile App with everything you need to know about each location – with suggestions on where to eat, to where to workout, where to buy groceries
  • Priority booking and preferred rate on Global Village Tours Cuba & Latin America Group Tours
  • Potential to be Global Village Tours Funding Round 2023 early investor 
  • Discounts on travel insurance 
  • Please note that the itinerary is subject to change prior to or during the tour where necessary. Each Global Village Tour is subject to Covid-19 guidelines and limitations where applicable. 



The word adventure is overused, but it is easily attainable and experienced if you just book your flight. Combine traveling in new Europe with cultural immersion, collaboration, networking and reap the rewards for your own creativity and motivation. 

Whether you already have an online business, are a professional freelancer in digital marketing or are a consultant of any type – sharing of ideas and advice is all part of this tour so you can get maximum professional as well as social value. Experiencing young EU member states and candidate countries can give you invaluable perspective. 

The Balkans encapsulate everything that is great about travel and cultural immersion and is a dream Southern European location. From cool cities with bohemian districts filled with cafes and craft beer houses, to amazing national parks, spectacular beaches and relaxed coastal towns. The whole area has become wildly popular with remote workers. 

You will have an expert guide from Global Village Tours throughout the tour. Combining city life coworking with weekend excursions, while not traveling solo – but rather with a group of remote workers – is a buckelist way to have an amazing summer. In each new city visited, it is up to you how you spend your time. Feel free to join events and activities, or just do your own thing. 

We focus on unrivaled value for money and are passionate about the Balkans. This sets us apart from other companies in the remote work and travel space. In focusing on Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia with a perfect balance of cities, natural landscapes and importantly, cities with a great attitude towards remote workers. The Balkans are big, and could we have included some other cities? Yes, but from our five years experience in the region, we know that we have developed a stand out value driven experience for remote workers seeking something fresh. 

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