One of the most beautiful and famous cities along the Adriatic coast, Dubrovnik was the capital of the Republic of Ragusa. It was the first country to both outlaw slavery way back in 1416 and to recognise the independence of the USA from Britain. Surrounded by 2km of ancient walls, the city is a UNESCO world heritage site. 

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Dubrovnik ends to be a place that everyone loves, you will hear the same from a foreigner that visited for their first time or when chatting to a Croatian local in Zagreb. It is fairly spectacular here and there is something magical about it. Partly the reason Dubrovnik has become world famous is due to the fact that it was here that King’s Landing scenes for Game of Thrones were filmed. Unlike other cities in the Balkans, it does not show the scars of war, even though it was shelled in 1991.

Most people come here for Dubrovnik’s spectacular old town day or night, world class restaurants, Island hopping and increasing number of festivals and visiting big name DJs in the summertime.

Apart from all the leisure attractions, there has been a major effort at government level to attract digital nomads and remote workers to Dubrovnik not just during the summer but also in the off season. It gets busy during the high season and we will just about escape both the ‘worst’ of the heat and the crowds by the time we arrive.

It is still beach weather here into October and speaking of beaches there are a huge number on our doorstep for swimming or any other water sports as well as camping and hiking options if you are feeling it over your last two weeks in the Balkans.