Beograd in Serbian or Belgrade, meaning “white city” is the former capital of Yugoslavia. Keep in mind that up until 1991, Belgrade was the capital city of the 9th largest country in Europe of 21 million people, before the breakup of Yugoslavia into 7 countries namely Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. Today in many ways, Belgrade can still be seen as a shining light – big, bold, proud, gritty and with a cultural scene that makes it arguably the pop culture capital of the region.

Belgrade will feel familiarly European but at the same time very different. It is a hopping, busy capital city make no mistake, and you will have two weeks to enjoy it. You get a distinct feeling that the people do it their own way here. Belgrade churns out talented turbo-folk performers and producers who become the mega stars of the Balkan pop music scene, you are far more likely to hear this kind of material over western pop stars in most cases.

It may come as little surprise that there is a seemingly endless stream of female and male supermodels snapped up in Serbia to work internationally whether that is New York or Shanghai. Looking good, clothing and style are taken seriously in Belgrade. Some of the coolest independent movie theaters on the continent can be found scattered around the city with a thriving culture for movie production that has been around since the Yugoslav period. There are amazing and affordable restaurants everywhere for you to try, and cafes on every corner. 

One word of warning, smoking is allowed here in the vast majority of establishments and the thought of this changing will just raise eyebrows if you discuss it with the locals.Turbo-folk is the genre of choice here, in a city that is immensely proud of its nightlife that includes many many floating clubs lining the Danube River that separates Old Belgarde and Novi Belgrade, there is something for all tastes. For something a bit more relaxed, we will take a trip out to Djerdap National Park during the two week period in Belgarde and a few other surprises.