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Our Africa tours are back for the third year running! Come join us for an almighty off the beaten track experience to one of the worlds least visited places – Somaliland.

The Somaliland tour kicks off in the former British protectorate and the self-declared republic of Somaliland. Somaliland is a de-facto state which declared its independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991. To date, no international organisation has recognized it as a sovereign nation.

Parts of it are still recovering from a brutal civil war, but nowadays it is very safe and the local people are extremely welcoming to foreign visitors. Crime against tourists is virtually unheard of and don’t be surprised if the locals make a bit of a fuss upon meeting you as they don’t encounter foreigners too often. One of many surprises about Somaliland is in how fundamentally different it is from other countries in the region — not to mention almost anywhere else on the planet. We will be joining the locals to smoke some shisha, take a dip in untouched waters, and take a visit to see some ancient cave art.

This tour can run as a standalone or is also a great combo with our Somaliland & Eritrea Tour Combo 

Somaliland Tour Highlights

  • See how Independence Day is Celebrated in Somaliland, the most important national holiday in Somaliland, with a military and civilian parade. You will be one of a tiny number of tourists to visit Somaliland and experience the celebrations during the Somaliland tour. 
  • Experience the best things to see and do in Somaliland, including heading out to the port of Berbera with a fascinating mix of British, Persian and Ottoman architecture before a tour of Laas Geel, the 10,000 year old cave paintings and one of Africa’s most ancient examples of rock art.
  • Enjoy traditional Somali cuisine, including a seafront BBQ and meet many friendly and hospitable Somalis who will be delighted to hear about your life and where you have come from, as well as hearing from them about the culture of this unique nation.
Dates & Pricing
May 17th – May 23rd 2021
7 Days

At a glance
Hargeisa > Berbera > Sheikh > Hargeisa

Inclusive of

  • All Transport (unless otherwise stated)
  • All Accommodation
  • Food
  • Some local tours (unless otherwise stated)

Exclusive of

  • Visa Fees (Somaliland 100 USD) Please e-mail us for instructions and further info on the visa process.
  • International flights
  • Personal expenses
  • Local guide tips

Monday 17th May 

  • Arrival in Hargeisa as per your own schedule

  • Airport pick-up and we will take you to our hotel, Hotel Sugaal.

  • Dinner at a lively canteen off the main drag of Hargeisa. You will have a chance to chat with them and hear how they find life in Somaliland.

  • After dinner, you can walk around the bustling city centre in Hargeisa, and have some chai with the friendly locals or do some shopping for t-shirts and flags for Independence Day. 


Tuesday 18th May – Independence Day in Somaliland

  • Not many people can say there were in Somaliland for the official Independence Day festivities but today is the day you get to experience this. Remember you will be taking part on the Independence Day celebrations of a country that is not recognised! After breakfast, we will be making our way onto the streets which will be emblazoned in colour and parades of the military and citizens

  • Somaliland national museum and cultural center. A great place to chat with some local young people.

  • We will have a traditional dinner at Summer Time Restaurant, an institution in town, that evening and toast to this small nation!

  • Overnight in Hargeisa


Wednesday 19th May

  • Visit the two hills called Naaso Hablood (“Girl’s Breasts”) also known as Hargeisa’s landmark. On the way we visit the cemetery for British Soldiers who died here battling against the Italians during the Second World War. Hargeisa is the former capital of British Somaliland, while Italy controlled what is now Somalia

  • Delicious lunch at a Somali-Yemeni restaurant and the chance to hear about the cultural and social history of the county and how it exists today from learned locals. A walking tour of the city of Hargeisa is a great way to take in the remarkable atmosphere of the place. We will see all the key sites in the city centre including the Fighter Jet Memorial in memory of the those killed during the civil war here

  • We check-out the bustling market in Hargeisa before getting some dinner and a night out in the city


Thursday 20th May

  • Agriculture and farm animals are the lifeblood of many in the country, so after breakfast this morning we visit the commercial hub for the trading of camels and many other species important to the local people and even the economy of Somaliland

  • We travel to Laas Geel, estimated at the 10,000 years old is the site of some the most significant and artistically colourful early rock art anywhere

  • Make the 60km drive back to Hargeisa

  • Buffet dinner at a Yemeni Restaurant


Friday 21st May

  • Today we will take in quite a few sites and there will be an opportunity to experience more of this remarkable country. We will visit Barbera Port which is a key piece of infrastructure for the nation. We will have lunch at Ottoman houses after a visit to a mosque

  • Later we will take a quick boat ride to see boat wrecks which have succumb to the Gulf of Aden. There are some great beaches that we can stop at and take a swim. (Note: Ladies will need to be covered even while swimming) 

  • In the evening we will explore and discover Barbera centre and admire its combination of Persian, British and Ottoman architecture. Afterwards, we will relax and enjoy a seafood dinner on the waterfront


Saturday 22nd May

  • Breakfast this morning and afterward, you can take a last look around Barbera. 

  • As an added little bonus, we will have the opportunity to visit the town of Sheikh located way up in the mountains. It’s really nice up here and we will have some tea and refreshments.

  • Make our way back again to Hargeisa city for a farewell dinner with the group. Afterward, we hit the arcade, check out some local sports, bowling, and shisha.

  • Overnight at hotel. 


Sunday 23rd May

  • End of Somaliland Independence Day Tour. If you are not doing the Somaliland & Eritrea Independence Horn of Africa Tour, you can say your last goodbyes to the group and we will drop you to the airport for departure as per your own schedule.

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