Experience North Korea

4-Days from €1395 per person (based on two sharing). Enquire for special group rates!

North Korea – beyond the tumultuous political landscape and enigmatic leader Kim Jong Un, is a soft culture of warmth and hospitality – mirrored by its vastly peaceful landscape of dense forest, grassland and mountains. If you would like to discuss taking a tour of North Korea, please feel free to get-in-touch and we will be happy to talk through your queries. Please note for our North Korea tours that prices reduce substantially for larger groups.

The people of North Korea are an intensely proud race – and they do not take the task of showing tourists their beautiful country very lightly. Tourism is very important to the Koreans and not just because of its economic importance, but because it is also their opportunity to show the world the culture and rich history that they are so proud of.

We take our guests to some of the best-known sites in the country – whether that be the sparkling and captivating capital city of Pyongyang, the Demilitarised Zone between North & South Korea or one of the many incredible examples of North Korean architecture such as the Arch of Triumph. Additionally, we are one of the very few companies that can take you to many different areas of the country. Only since 2012 have foreign visitors been able to visit the far North East of province of Hamgyong, and we now regularly travel to Hoeryong City & Chongjin City.

For customers who are interested in traveling to Rason Special Economic Zone, we are happy to arrange this visit also. This area may be of particular interest to any Global Villager who is interested in the economy of North Korea including the products that are manufactured here. Visits to local businesses and factories are not a problem. This is the only location in the country where you can spend local currency in the markets and department stores.

If you would like to play golf on a beautiful course outside of Pyongyang, go skiing at the brand new Masikryong Ski Resort or fly from Pyongyang to Mt. Myohyang on board a chartered Mil Mi-17 helicopter with North Korean livery, just let us know. Our independent tours to the country are extremely adaptable and if there is a specific activity you would like to do or area of the country you wish to visit we can arrange this for you.