Discover Iran

7-Days from €1495 per person (based on two sharing). Enquire for special group rates!

Our Global Villagers have been traveling to the Islamic Republic of Iran for over three years now, working with excellent local guides who give us the best possible insight into the culture and customs of this great nation. Each of our itineraries allows us to offer you the most authentic and unique experience with each visit to Iran. We have a lot of flexibility in terms of what you can do and see while in the country so when planning ahead, please don’t hesitate to let us know what your own requirements are.

For Global Village Tours, showing our customers the less publicised aspects of each of our destinations is a huge part of what we do. Something that is renowned the world over is the hospitality that you or any visitor will experience from the Iranian people. Keep in mind, not a huge number of foreigners visit Iran each year and this makes the locals all the more enthusiastic and curious about you. This is not the country that is all too often depicted negatively in Western media. The population here is multi-ethnic with a large portion being under the age of 30.

If history is one subject you are interested in, Iran has this in abundance. Nicknamed ‘the cradle of civilisation’, Iran is one the most significant historical locations you can visit. Iran is of course home to the ancient Persian civilisation, and as we blaze our way through the country you will see many seemingly inconspicuous ancient ruins dotting the landscape. This is in addition to visiting any of several UNESCO world heritage sites in the country such as Persepolis or the spectacular city of Isfahan.

As well as an in depth look at the rich history of Iran, we also enjoy plenty of chances to engage with the locals, whether it be in haggling down prices at one of the bustling bazaars, or discussing Iranian literature with one of the many students that Tehran is famous for. There will also be plenty of hidden extras on each tour as our Iranian guides usually add some unexpected stops depending on what’s going on at that time of year.