Colombia Tour – May 2021

Culture, Politics & Landscapes

May 6th – May 12th 2021
7 Days

At a glance
Bogotá Sierra Nevada National Park Cartagena El Peñol Medellin

From its ancient Andean archaeological ruins to more recent and still vibrant colonial towns, between snow tipped mountain peaks, vast jungle and incredible beaches along its coast, our tour of Colombia encapsulates much of what makes this one of the best places to visit in South America.

To get started, the Colombia tour takes in much of the best things to do in and around Bogotá, a colourful and historic city that hovers between upmarket, hip districts and barrios of the less well off. Throughout the tour we will hear about the chequered past of Colombia in regard to the conflict between government and FARC forces, with a peace agreement finally being reached in 2016. During the tour, you will learn much about the countries difficult history in conflict between government forces and marxist rebels as well as real insight into the explosion in narco trafficking activity during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

If Colombia was put in the spotlight by the Netflix series Narcos, so too was the beautiful city of Medellin. Once one of the world’s cocaine capitals, the city is a feature of our Colombia tour, a favourite of our own Global Village Tours staff and now a mecca for international remote workers. It’s skyhigh, slim apartment buildings against a backdrop of mountain peaks, electric nightlife and endless cafe culture are just part of what makes people want to stay. 

Our Colombia tour takes in some incredible landscapes including the Sierra Nevada mountain range including some time spent with the Wiwa indigenous people and a night in an eco resort for some R&R after some amazing hiking and little known swimming spots.

Check out the full action packed itinerary for the Colombia Tour below.

Colombia Tour Highlights

  • Extensive tour of Bogota highlighting all the key sites from the time of the war between the Colombian government and marxist rebels as well as checking out what makes the city great in these modern times. 
  • Visit to Medellin, Colombia’s second city – former cocaine capital of the world and of course, the former home of Pablo Escobar. 
  • Spend a night out in the Sierra Nevada national park with the indigenous Wiwa people as well as superb swimming and hiking. 
  • Some of Colombia’s best food can be found in the the historic city of Cartagena, you will have a chance to sample a lot of it!