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About Us

Global Village Tours is a small independent travel company based in Limerick, Ireland. We specialise in unique travel packages and tours to some of the world's most unusual & interesting destinations. 

Each year, we have approximately 30 scheduled group tours to places like North Korea, Cuba & Turkmenistan. The average number of customers on our group tours is 10. You can view our group tours section here. If you spot a tour that is booked up, but want to enquire on upcoming dates, you can send us a message anytime. 

As well as our group tours, we create bespoke travel packages on dates that suit you. You can view some of our destinations like Tibet, Uzbekistan and Iran here. We have provided just a selection of bespoke tours - as a rule of thumb, most of our destinations are available for bespoke travel.

As a full-service tour planner, we work out all the details of your tour - this first and foremost means an interesting, unusual and definitely enjoyable  itinerary, that you won't get with our bigger competitors. Planned for you - all your accommodation, transport (private AC tour bus on our group tours), internal flights, the best activities & sights, visa assistance where required as well as taking you to great places to eat - avoiding like the plague, all tourist traps along the way. Each of our tours has a local and English speaking expert guide that will show you around like no one else can, including the inside of few bars!  Accommodation is usually local hotels and hostels, with the odd luxury night thrown in along the way, depending on the tour. When it comes to food, we take you to amazing traditional restaurants that tourists do not find by themselves. All of this keeps our prices down and gives you the best possible cultural experience. 

We do use the word adventure tour from time to time, however we are referring more to the experience you will have on our tours rather than anything too physical. Swimming and some light hiking is usually as heavy as it gets here! Some of our tours do have optional extras, such as scuba diving for example - but in general, our tours are relaxed and at a pace that is easy to enjoy. We pride ourselves on putting an emphasis on ‘craic’ and enjoying the social side of traveling - you can expect to meet plenty of like minded people on our tours and most likely make friends for life.

Global Village Tours was started in 2013 out of a love for travel and our ethos is to give our customers an extraordinary experience, at an ordinary price. You can expect a personable booking process with us and are always just an e-mail or phone call away throughout the booking process. Currently we handle all payments through bank transfer, generally our customers prefer not to add their once in a lifetime Somaliland, Papua New Guinea or North Korea tour to a shopping cart! 

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